“Amnesia” Stage Musical Production

bro_A_01The musical adaptation of the popular otome anime and game “Amnesia” was announced back in October but now that the actors have been released I thought it would be worth discussing in greater detail.

Due to start in January 2014 the production will be performed at at the Hakuhinkan Theater in Tokyo. Surprisingly the musical won’t have one ending – that’s right ladies! It will have 5 endings, one for every main character, just like in the game! If you ask me this if only setting the production up for success as everyone who leaves will be happy as they get to see their favourite characters end up together.

Tickets are 6500 yen for normal seats and 8500 yen for “Queen” seats with better seating plus an exclusive gift. No minors are allowed. The musical schedule chart below shows what the ending performance will be (pairing wise) by cleverly using the symbols from the anime (and cards in general) – with the Heart for Shin, Spade for Ikki, Club for Kent, Diamond for Toma and Joker for Ukyo.


Here is the list of cast for the show so far:

Shin: Goro Kurihara
Ikki: Ryo Hatakeyama
Kent: Ryo Kobayashi
Toma: Yuki Izawa
Ukyo: Ryoko Isogai
Orion: Ryo Yamada

Amnesia musical 2

Amnesia musical 1

Anyone planning to see the show?


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