15946English Title: The Top
Author: Tsukimiya An

Genre: Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo
Themes: Fame, Family, Love, Idols, Love

Format: Manga

The story is about Kobato going to Japan to find her brother but accidentally, she becomes an idol when she met Takeru. The catch is Takeru and probably everyone else actually thought she was a he because of how she acts and dresses.

I really enjoyed this title despite the fact that this series is only two volumes long. Kobato and Takeru’s love story is just so exciting! With poor Kobato falling in love with Takeru while she is cross dressing as a male Idol that works at an all male talent agency – while searching for her long lost brother.

This manga has everything you would want in a short read including a bundle of funny lines and a unique set of amazing characters. This title is one o my favourite idol manga’s to date – it would probably also be of interest to you if you enjoyed the drama “You’re Beautiful” as the characters are similar.

Rating: 8/10


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