Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Album

1544567_10152128813641397_631321690_nWith the revamp of the widely popular anime Sailor Moon due to start in the new year it comes as no surprise that the album associated with the series would be released prior to the live date. Excitingly enough just days after the initial announcement the CD is already available for preorder online with the official release date scheduled for the 29th of Jan 2014 – Not long now!

So far the artists that have been listed as contributing to the album are; Mariko Goto x Abu-chan (Joobachi), Mitsuko Horie, Haruko Momoi, Momoiro Clover Z, Shoko Nakagawa and Tommy heavenly6 – with more to be announced before the release. It has not been yet announced what the individual artists will be performing; however we do have the track list:

“Moonlight Densetsu” (OP theme for the 1st to 4th season)
“HEART MOVING” (1st season 1st ED)
“Princess Moon” (1st season 2nd ED)
“Otome no Policy” (2nd season ED)
“La Soldier” (88th episode insert song)
“Ai no Senshi” (68th, 89th, 102nd episode insert stong)
“Tuxedo Mirage” (3rd season ED)
“Rashiku Ikimasho” (4th season 2nd ED)
“Sailor Star Song” (5th season OP)
“Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto…” (5th season ED)

If you are interested in preordering or ordering this amazing memorial album I would recommend purchasing it at CD Japan (as it is the most affordable listing so far) at $25.90 USD:

Will you be purchasing the album?


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