MANGA REVIEW: Private Prince

private-prince-asuka-2Author: Enjouji Maki
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Josei, Romance & Smut
Themes: Royalty, Sex & Love

Format: Manga

His highness the prince of Estolia Wilfred became an exchange student in Eito University. His noble appearance and gentleman’s manners quickly filled the campus with hysterical women’s voices. Miyako also studies at that university and for her master’s thesis, she is determined to interview the prince about his great-grandmother. But when she approaches him about it, she suddenly discovers “the dark side” of his character…?!

This was the first royalty themed title that I ever read and I am still yet to fid a title that can compete with it in this category. The characters are hilarious and the story is truly one of a kind, the only thing that let me down was that I wish that it was longer than 24 chapters as it’s so addictive that I read it in a few hours.

This title will appeal to you if you are interested in Cinderella themed storylines, a regular woman falls in love with a prince and is whisked away – except this story is a little more realistic and the Cinderella in question Miyako goes through some traumatic experiences caused by her knight in shining armor – who lets his wicked side get the better of him more often than not.

Rating: 9/10


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