MANGA REVIEW: Kimi no Neiro

kimi-no-neiro-3476989-1English Title: Your Melody
Author: Fukushima Haruka

Genre: Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Themes: Cross dressing, Gender issues, Femminity, Masculinity, Cosplay, High school, Relationships, First love & Heartbreak.

Format: Manga

Akira Tsubakiya has spent her whole life being told she looks like a boy. She’s super tall, she has a flat chest, and she’s not girly at all. In middle school, Haru (a boy who went to her cram school) told Akira that he likes girls with long hair, and since she started to fall for him, she decided to grow her hair out. Now she’s graduating from middle school, and has decided to confess her feelings to Haru. Unfortunately, she finds out that he has a girlfriend—a super-cute, girly, long-haired girlfriend! Akira runs home and chops off all her hair, deciding that there’s no point to trying to be girly.
Fast forward to Akira’s first year in high school. She still wears a skirt, but she wears the top half of the guys’ uniform to school. She’s called “Prince Akira”, and all the girls are infatuated with her. Akira hasn’t seen Haru in a while, but she does bump into Haru’s “girlfriend” who she discovers to be in fact a cross-dressing boy!

Initially I was not sure if this was a title that I would enjoy as I was a little put off by the fact that the female lead was treated like a man and the male lead was acting overly ladylike – Just because it was different to what I usually read. Boy was I wrong to doubt it; this title was amazing, I wish it never ended!

There is just so much that that this title can bring to its reader – it leaves you with some great lessons such as to never take your first love for granted, never judge a book by its cover and to treat your enemies with kindness. Although I loved this title for its message and the uniqueness of the plot, this title won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – especially if you are conservative person as this title challenges the definition of gender and gender roles (there is no same sex coupling if you were wondering).

I think this is a fantastic title with some very refreshing and amusing characters – of the likes I have never read or heard of before. This is one of my favourite finds of 2013 and I think you should all add it to your reading list right now.

Rating: 10/10


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