MANGA REVIEW: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

mmppp manga 1 framsidaAuthor: Yokote Michiko & Hanamori Pink
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo & Supernatural
Themes: Love, Ocean, Magial Girl, Friendship & Teamwork.

Format: Manga & Anime

Lucia is the new girl at school. She and her sister run a public bath that’s all the rage. When Lucia meets a terrific-looking surfer boy, Kaito, she starts to think if he’s the dream boy she was looking for that she met a few years ago. There’s just one little problem: Lucia is a mermaid-not just any mermaid, but a princess on an important mission to save the seven seas from an evil force bent on taking control of the marine world. Such a responsibility doesn’t leave much time for romance. But Lucia vows to protect her world and win the heart of handsome Kaito.

I decided to pick up this title recently after reading a lot of people recommend it online if you are interested in the magical girl genre. I love mermaids and thought I couldn’t go wrong with it…Sadly I was very mistaken. This title was something I found myself struggling to read – firstly because it was written for a younger audience so the language and dialogue was very simple but also because the characters looked very similar so I kept getting confused as to who was whom until names were mentioned in their conversations.

I am afraid to say that the constant comparison of this title to Sailor Moon and other titles of a similar nature is unjust, as in my opinion this title is not in the same league in terms of maturity, creativity or even art style – It bothered me to the point that finishing the series was impossible. However you might enjoy this it might just be me being fussy as I have been spoilt by so many amazing writers out there.

Rating: 1/10


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