MANGA REVIEW: The Princes Cactus

i78384Author: Xu Ci
Artist: Misha
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance & Shoujo
Themes: Royalty, Love, Wealth & Relationships

Format: Manga

It’s the 21st century and yet, there’s still someone referred to as a Prince!? Born to a small European country, of a royal mother and a father who is heir to a prosperous European shipping industry and descendant of Queen Victoria, Elian has been groomed to be the crown prince since birth. Elian is filled with natural confidence, to speak better of it, in his appearance and background, and his training as a crown prince has not helped his good temperament. To put it bluntly, he’s an arrogant person. One could even say that he was born conceited. Dania, on the other hand, is a girl who was abandoned by her father in pursuit of a woman, and has had to work for a living. However, when her sister gets married to Elian’s father, she comes to attend the wedding in Greece. There she meets Elian for the first time.

I’m not a huge fan of this manga, not because of the art (it was beautiful) and not because of the characters or plot (as they were unique); but because of the fact that half way through Elian (the main male character) changes completely for no real reason what so ever – love shouldn’t make someone go from strict, regal and rude to thoughtful and cheeky and playful in a matter of a couple of chapters. I feel that if this was a longer story and the change to Elian’s character was drawn out it would be more of a realistic change rather than a “I hate you” to “Have my babies please” plotline in a matter of a few chapters.

The idea behind it was fantastic and the characters we well thought out too so I’m disappointed that I have written a review like this for the story. Perhaps you might enjoy it regardless of these facts as I am a fussy reader, so please take my opinion with a grain of sand.

Rating: 5/10


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