tumblr_lju18qrQS71qcyijzJapanese Title: Anya Kouro
Author: Takagi Shigeyoshi
Genre: Comedy, Shoujo & Romance
Themes: Overcoming Trauma, Modelling & Love

Format: Manga

Nakamura Mei is a very simple high school girl. While at a cafe with her friends, they bump in to -none other than- the model Shirou’s table. Mei apologizes and that’s when Shirou notices something. Grabbing her he takes her outside with him and reveals that Mei was once a kids model – and that he’s her idol-otaku!?

I loved this short story! The storyline was quite refreshing for a ‘stardom’ themed manga with the heroine being a plain girl (who is rarely even noticed) who had a traumatic experience as a child model. The relationship between Mei and Shirou as friends and mentors to each other is unlike any other, they will have you laughing one moment and your lips trembling the next moment; it’s truly a beautiful relationship.

I do have to say that I am quite torn by the ending or lack of for this beautiful story, I feel like it is missing a chapter that covers the true ending for the couple. But perhaps the author wanted you to have faith in them and decide the ending on your own.

Rating: 7/10


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