tokyo-mew-mew-l0Author: Yoshida Reiko
Artist: Ikumi Mia
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction, Shoujo, School Life
Themes: Supernatural, Love, Friendship, Environment, Magical Girl

Format: Anime & Manga

Ichigo is out on a date with her crush when suddenly she’s involved in an odd incident in which her DNA is merged with the DNA of an almost extinct wildcat. When four other girls’ DNA is merged with the DNA of four other almost extinct animals, it’s apparent that they’re part of a much bigger plan. Ichigo and her friends have been chosen to become a part of a secret project called the “Mew Project.” Their mission: To protect the planet from aliens who are using the planet’s animals to attack humans.

When I first watched this series I have to say I thought it was similar to Sailor Moon – 5 girls who transform to save the world from aliens & the leader being completely smitten with a guy who doesn’t know her secret. But looking back on it now – a few years after initially watching it and after recently reading the entire manga series I feel that it is a fantastic title in it’s own right.

Tokyo Mew Mew is the best modern Magical Girl anime in quite some time – since Sailor Moon in my opinion. The characters are quite unique and so it the concept of DNA modification that allows the girls to transform in the first place. I love that this series also had a huge focus on saving the environment from destruction and the heath of the planet rather than an alien invasion – it was refreshing and it made for a really great story.

On a side note I loved the pairing Ryou and Ichigo, nothing against Masaya I just think that Ryou was a nicer match for her. Such a shame it didn’t happen in the end – off to fanfiction I go!

Rating: 8/10


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