MANGA REVIEW: Venus ni Azaru

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.02.06 AMEnglish Title: I’m no Venus
Author: Yoshihara Yuki
Genre: Comedy, Shoujo & Romance
Themes: Modelling, Art & Love

Format: Manga

Misyoshi Yoshiko is working her way as a model by doing various modelling gigs for her agency. After one of those gigs causes her to lose her job as a model, she now faces a desperate situation of being broke and unemployed. Things start to look up when she gets offered another modelling job, but this time it’s modeling for Chuujou Tarou, the lecherous sculptor who got her fired in the first place! How will Yoshiko handle working for a perverted employer who can’t keep his hands off her–not because he’s attracted to her, but because he likes her bone structure?

After reading “The One” I went on a modelling manga hunting spree and this was one of the titles that caught my eye; don’t get me wrong this has very little if any similarities to “The One;” however it is special in its own way. Although this title is only 7 chapters long I feel that it was quite an enjoyable light reading title – which is rare for me as I prefer lengthy titles as they have more depth. This title is a cheerful pick me up story that will be sure to have you smiling every couple of pages if not because of Tarou’s perverted actions then because of Yoshiko’s blunt reactions to his uncouth behaviour.

Rating: 7/10


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