Sailor Moon 2014: Expectations


As a huge fan of the sailor moon series, all I think of when the revamp due to be released in January 2014 comes to mind is my expectations. Naturally they are huge – as to be expected; however sadly a lot of fans have only watched the anime and aren’t truly aware of what the revamp could mean to us fans.

I have jotted down some of the major differences between the anime (original run) and the manga, the areas in particular that I am hoping will be corrected in the revamp:

Serenity and Endymion really perished in the moon kingdom – Endymion died and Serenity committed suicide over his death.

Sailor moon meets Neo queen serenity shortly after Black lady is changed back to Chibi Usa – This was such a powerful scene!

Endymion receives powers in the Manga – This is during the Super S saga.

Eternal Sailor Soldiers – Debuted at the end of Sailor S saga but never appeared in the anime at all.

The Amazon Quartet become sailor senshi in the manga.

The Sailor Star Lights – They were never intended to be main characters let alone characters that changed sex. Even Naoko was strongly against how this came out as it was not how she portrayed it in the manga and twists her rule that only females can be sailor senshi.

Rei’s two crows Phobos and Deimos take human form in the manga.

It is revealed that Luna and Artemis are from Planet Mau.

Princess Kakyū is also a sailor soldier – She fights against Sailor Galaxia and dies in battle.

Sailor Quartetto (previously known as The Amazon Quartet) returns in the manga to fight alongside Sailor Chibi Moon.

Sailor Galaxia dies in the manga.
Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 1.11.52 PM

Sailor Cosmos – Completely left out! Chibi Chibi’s identity was never truly explained in the anime but it was in the manga. Still not sure why they did this as it left a hole in the plot.

Usagi and Mamoru get married at the end of the manga.

Parallel Sailor Moon  –  Their second child Kousagi also was left out completely along with the children of the other sailor senshi, they debuted in Sailor Moon Short Stories volume 2.

To find out more of the differences between the anime and manga click the link below, it’s not all of the differences but most of  the main ones are listed:

What changes are you hoping will be made in the revamped series?


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