coverEnglish Title: Flower in a Storm
Author: Takagi Shigeyoshi
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Drama, Action
Themes: Love, Marriage, Supernatural, High School

Format: Manga

The main series follows high school students Riko Kunumi, a young girl with superpowers, and Ran Tachibana, a rich heir. Riko is initially irritated when Ran storms into her classroom stating that he has fallen in love with her and that she should be his bride. She spends much of her time running away from Ran as he pursues her using his vast wealth. The situation is made worse when Ran’s fiance appears to claim him and assassins are sent after them.

I enjoyed the unique storyline that this manga had however I fell like it could’ve been so much more than it was in the end. The art was beautiful, the characters were amazing but it was over so quickly with only 2 volumes to the series. Ran is particularly hilarious, and helps lighten the mood of the story at every corner.

I do recommend this title however keep in mind it is a short title which means you are guaranteed to want more at the end like I did.

Rating: 7/10


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