How to deal with the end: An Otaku’s Guide

Lets face it we have all been there, that dark place in the back of our minds that we don’t like the think about. That’s right, I’m talking about the place our minds go to when our favorite titles come to an end – as they all inevitably do. Many people feel emotional connections to characters in anime, manga, dramas and books so when they come to an abrupt end the reader/viewer experiences a mild breakup with the series in question. Here are some ways to deal with the end of an amazing series!

Due to readers/viewers never being fully satisfied with the ending to stories they enjoy Fanfiction has run rampant on the internet – AND THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THAT! If you don’t know what Fanfiction is then please visit, this website is the home of hopes and dreams for thousands of fangirls and boys alike; you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that interests you here. Warning: it is highly addictive.

As Otaku’s we are quite fortunate in the fact that we are a technical bunch, due to this there are several websites that can help you to easily identify substitutes for your favorite series that has come to a close – this could be by recommendations by others who loved the series or by searching through very defined categories created by website owners and fans alike. It might not help completely but it does distract you with a equally interesting option to dedicate your time to.

I use anime-planet to help fill the void of a finished anime or manga personally as I find the suggestions by it’s community very well selected:

I hope this helps!


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