Otome Games for Mobile: An Otaku’s Guide

Something I’ve really gotten into recently are otome games. I only played my first otome game 4 months ago and I have already found myself completely obsessed with them.

So what is an otome game? An otome game is a game targeted towards females, the game itself is centred around is to developing a romantic relationship with one of several male or female characters. As otome games have been developed in Japan, they are animated and drawn as per Japan’s art style and is therefore Anime-like, due to this a large amount of female anime lovers tend to also thoroughly enjoy otome games as it essentially gives you control of a love story.

The one thing that sucks is that most otome games have not been translated into english – so PSP games and PC games are generally unplayable if you can’t read Japanese (sad face) – unless you are naughty and download patches which I don’t condone. Luckily developers of otome apps have noticed the interest in the western world and have started to develop english versions of their apps – Some free and some paid. I have only played the free apps to date but I have found them quite time consuming and engaging!

Here are a few of the apps that I have played to date – Naturally I haven’t finished many of them completely as there are so many character paths but I aim to!

Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja
Cost: Free
 9 Male characters to choose from
 Love this game. I played Enya’s route first which was very enjoyable – I recommend that you play this route before the others his is said to be the easiest. I’m now playing Hyosuke’s route and it’s just as much fun, the story lines are similar but have their own paths so you don’t feel like you are playing the same game which is great!unnamed

Shall We Date? Ninja Love
Cost: Free
Paths: 9 Male characters to choose from
Notes: This was the first otome game I played and I selected Saizo and completed his entire route. I loved it at the time but now I prefer the updated version by the same developer – “Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja” as the game is more involved. This version was also very repetitive when you try to replay and select a different character’s route – due to this I could only complete one route as I lost interest quickly at the thought of just redoing the whole game with a different hero.

Forbidden Love: The Unforgivable Couple
Cost: Free
 5 Male characters to choose from
 Loved this story as it’s quite different! I selected the controversial route of Mike first. I’m enjoying this however I did take a break from it for a while just because for a chink of the gameplay if feels like the story was going against the heroine – so I got a little frustrated. Glad to say it’s back on track now though.kindanlove_title

Contract Marriage
Cost: Free
Paths: 3 Male characters to choose from
Notes: I’ve just started to play this in the last week and I selected Toma’s route. It’s been great so far!
Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince
Cost: Free
Paths: 7 Male characters to choose from (Only 3 available at the moment – they are revamping the game)
Notes: I’ve been playing Lambert’s route, at first I kept selecting answers that made him hate me (haha!) but half way though I worked out that he likes to have his ego stroked. Very fun route to play but just keep in mind he doesn’t like feisty ladies (of which our heroine is). Also be sure to work on your charm level from the start, I’m currently stuck as I need to get my level up heaps higher than it is – Annoying!469012237-0

2/2 Lover
Cost: Free
Paths: 2 Male characters to choose from.
Notes: Another new game I’ve just started to play. This one has amazing graphics and the characters move in a lifelike manner – they even speak with audio to you! The only thing with this game is that it is hard to understand how to progress the story – it took me ages to work it our even with the instructions given within the game. Basically you need to poke the characters as much as you can and the following morning you will be awarded with pink hearts, once there are no blu hearts on the screen you unlock the next story chapter –  Quite time consuming but I think it will be worth it as the characters are so cute!tumblr_mtk0hnbMom1r1rn8qo1_r1_500

Love Academy
Cost: Free
Paths: 4 Male characters to choose from
Notes: I loved this otome game! It is high quality and very similar to what you can play on PSP’s and PC’s.  I selected Yota for my first run through and the storyline was pretty good. One annoying thing I found was that you don’t get to make too many decisions for the heroine (in comparison to the other games i’ve played) which is a tad frustrating. Overall it’s a great game though.

Cost: Free
Paths: 5 Male characters to choose from
Notes: Despite the fact that this game has rather lacking graphics in comparison to a lot of the others I have had the pleasure to play, this game was really quite enjoyable; I would even go as far as to say it’s one of my favourites. The first time I played this game I selected  Souta and the 2nd time I selected Leon – Both routes were unique and enjoyable so much so that I never went a day without playing this game once I started a route. Highly recommended – this would be a perfect tome game for a beginner too.

Do you love otome games? What’s your favourite at the moment?


2 responses to “Otome Games for Mobile: An Otaku’s Guide

  1. Hey nicole, i’ve tried to search 2/2 lover on playstore, but i couldnt find it.. can u share me the download link or info where i can download it.. sankyu ! ♡

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