DRAMA REVIEW: Fated to Love You

Fated_to_love_you_taiwan_2008Native Title: Mìng zhòng zhù dìng wǒ ài nǐ
Alternative English Titles: You’re My Destiny
Type of Drama: Taiwanese
Number of Episodes: 40

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Themes: Pregnancy, Marriage, Betrayal, Wealth, Relationships, Love & Suffering

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) is an unfashionable office lady, who has the desire to tie down her boyfriend. She plans and pays for a romantic love cruise, hoping to lose her virginity and thus keep her boyfriend. On the same cruise is Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan), the wealthy sole heir of a soap and cleaning products company. He had planned to propose to long-time girlfriend Anna (Bianca Bai) but was unaware that she never boarded the cruise. Anna was a professional ballet dancer and chose a main role in a world tour over Cun Xi. In a huge mix-up Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up spending the night together, only in the morning realizing the mistake.

This drama was such a roller coaster of emotions. The pain experienced in this drama is nothing short of heartbreaking especially when you factor in that it is all caused due to a huge misunderstanding caused by a jealous character – However this is what makes this drama so addictive as you are just waiting and hoping that they will reconcile as throughout the entire drama it is obvious that despite their differences that Cun Xi and Xin Yi are deeply in love with each other.

This drama is a story that you can’t help but get emotionally attached to (I cried so many times I honestly lost count) as it is expressed in a way that makes it feel like you are connected to the occurrences both good and bad within the show. If you have watched ISWAK (it Started With A Kiss) you will probably love this drama as the dedication and humour displayed is very similar.

Rating: 10/10


2 responses to “DRAMA REVIEW: Fated to Love You

    • Its so touching! If you loved this Drama you should also watch the movie koizora – it is sadder but so touching.

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