ANIME & MANGA REVIEW: Uta No Prince-Sama (Season 1)

292636-aliya06Author: Broccoli

Genres: Shoujo, School life, Comedy & Romance.
Themes: Friendship, School Life, Hope, Music & Love.

Available Forms: Manga, Anime & Game

Nanami Haruka is a shy teenage girl who has a dream to become a talented song writer. She is accepted by Saotome Gakuen, an elite entertainment industry school developed for the sole purpose of nurturing future idols. The classes are taught by famous idols; facilities include top notch recording studios and live theaters. Most importantly, only a small portion of the most talented, natural born idol students are allowed into the prestigious Shining Agency after graduation and introduced to the nation. The school randomly pairs up a singer to a song writer but as fate would have it, Haruka ends up being paired with a group of very different boys all striving to become the next big idol. Haruka, determined to make all of them into future idols must work harder than anyone else and overcome her shy personality if she wants to reach her dream.

I found this anime to be surprisingly deep due to this I personally had a mild obsession with the storyline surrounding Haruka and Tokiya in particular as we slowly find out more about his past. The anime itself reminded me just how important staying true to your dreams is. There is no limit to what you can achieve; Haruka embraces this and in doing so aims to make the dreams of her classmates become a reality. This anime is definitely worth checking out if you loved La Cord D’Oro as it has a similar plot-line and ensemble of characters – It is almost worth watching JUST for the songs and dance scenes as they are mind bogglingly amazing.


Rating: 7/10


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