SasuSaku – My Passion

Most of you probably don’t realise who my OTP (One True Pairing) is, surprisingly they are from a Shounen series – Naruto. Now when most Anime and manga fans think of Naruto they picture this:
However when I think of Naruto all I hear is the track “Sadness and Sorrow” and all I see are the two on the left hand side of this page.
commission__sasusaku_by_annria2002-d3832rq That’s right, I am a SasuSaku fan; their relationship is nothing short of intoxicating. You could make a drama or anime series in itself just base on them (I wish they did!). It’s an entirely painful relationship but it’s relatable – especially in terms of unrequited love as most of us have either experienced it ourselves or have a friend who has; because of this I feel sorry for Sakura. One thing that will always give me hope that Sakura will have her feelings acknowledged and returned is this scene below:

It makes me cry every time! It is such a heartbreaking scene. Sakura willing to give up her family, her home and her life in general just to be with the one she loves and his response is “Thank you.”

I am so glad that fanfiction and fanart exists, if it didn’t I would’ve gone insane (no joke) as I’m way to wrapped up in this pairing! I feel like its almost my life to an extent (I’m so weird aren’t I?) which is partly why I used to write SasuSaku fanfiction (which were quite popular on and why I drew fanart on DeviantART of them too.

Do you have an addiction to pairings like I do? What show and pairing is it? Who knows I might be a closet fan too 😉


2 responses to “SasuSaku – My Passion

  1. SasuSaku has always been my OTP as well; it’s certainly the most interesting main coupling in the series, as well as being wrought with heartache and the potential passion that could exist between them because of their individual personalities. Every moment they have alone together is always emotional and brings out a different side in both of them that no one else can. So, nice choice!

    • Thanks so much 🙂 glad you love them too. I will be making a few exiting SasuSaku posts in the next few weeks so please be sure to like my facebook page to see the updates 🙂

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