MANGA & ANIME REVIEW: Card Captor Sakura

Card_Captor_SakuraAuthor: Clamp

Genres: Shoujo, School life, Comedy & Romance.
Themes: Friendship, School Life, Hope, Magic, Magical Girl, Yaoi (Discrete) & Love.

Available Forms: Manga, Anime & Film

Sakura Kinomoto was just an average 4th Grader – loved P.E., hated math – until one day, while looking through her father’s library, Sakura found the Clow, an enchanted book designed to hold a set of magical Clow Cards. But when Sakura opened the book, it was empty. Talk about disasters!! Keroberos, the Creature of the Seal, emerged from the cover of the book and told Sakura the cards must be returned to the book. “If the cards aren’t in the book, they come to life and do evil!” Kero formed a contract with Sakura making her a Cardcaptor and together with Sakura’s best friend, Tomoyo, they embark on a mystical journey to capture all the Clow Cards before the Cards can wreak chaos and destruction

Card Captor Sakura is another classic Shoujo magical girl title; something that all manga lovers should read just because it helped to make manga and anime as huge as it is in western cultures today. Although the title deals with children in middle school it bares a lot of powerful themes such as homosexuality being just another form of love, death of a parent, heartbreak and dealing with insecurities.

No matter what age I am or how many times I watch/read this title I enjoy it just as much as I did when it was brand new to me; the characters are very unique and beyond loveable. In particular the heroine Sakura is a very well constructed character – living in a single parent home, independent as she rarely relies on her father and brother, frightened very easily & totally oblivious to any advances males make towards her for a large part of the series.

Although the plot doesn’t focus on the romance it definitely does include it, and due to the fact that romantic scenes are a rarity when they were shown they were heart wrenching; just take a look at the scene below (skip to 2min & 39sec) and try to tell me you didn’t almost cry (I cry every time – haha).

I love this series with all my heart and I recommend it to everyone who loves anime and manga in general.

Rating: 9/10


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