Josei is My Drug of Choice

midnight-secretaryI know what you’re all thinking, what on earth is ‘josei’? Josei is a less widely known genre of manga; you might have even read some titles without realizing as it often gets classified as shoujo; but in reality josei is more like the raunchy sister of shoujo. Josei targets mature women due to the fact that it’s titles have a fair bit of sexual content woven into the storylines – Obviously something that they don’t want their younger readers to read but they probably do anyway 🙂
Some of my all time favorite josei titles can be found below:

  • NANA
  • Paradise Kiss
  • Midnight Secretary
  • Hot Gimick
  • Deep Love

Please keep in mind there is a lot more to josei titles than just their sexual transparency. Josei titles also deal with a lot more realistic relationship issues such as; abuse, divorce, pregnancy and depression – naturally these themes can be found in other genres but it they are quite abundant in josei titles.

Now if only I could find a josei title featuring a magical girl, then I will have found my perfect manga title.

Are you a josei fan? Be sure to let me know what titles you enjoyed the most in the comments section below.


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