sprout-1Japanese Title: Spraut
Author: Nanba Atsuko

Genres: Shoujo, School life, Drama, Slice of Life & Romance
Themes: Friendship, Bullying, Heartbreak, Jealousy, Selfish Desires, Relationships, High School Life & Love.

Available Forms: Manga & Drama

Reality isn’t a shoujo manga, and Miku Ikenouchi’s friends know that perfectly well. But then again, they are not Miku-chan. The reason for this is that Miku-chan has a boyfriend, a third year, and is content with what she has. But then a chain of events occur which leaves Miku-chan with a rival (for cuteness), her father quitting his job… and a new roommate ?

This series caught my eye for a reason I can still not quite put my finger on. It started off quite well with the protagonist Miku living out her high school days happily alongside her cute senior boyfriend. However as the story develops she becomes jealous of an acquaintance’s relationship with his girlfriend – from there it went down hill for me.

Jealousy is obviously something that we all have to deal with, but it’s not something I would ever read by choice; especially for 28 chapters. The storyline is quite frustrating for me due to this as I watched the protagonist throw away her perfect relationship and former happiness only in order to secretly desire her new friend’s boyfriend. This was almost too painful to read.

The other characters in the story made it enjoyable however; my favorite character was Miku’s new female friend Miyuki – A beautiful yet clumsy creature that everyone fears for a reason that was never stated.

sprout ozawa miyuki

If you believe you could get past the uncomfortable theme of jealousy and Miku’s selfish actions then give this title a read; you might be able to appreciate this manga a lot more than I did.

Rating: 4/10


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